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Lydee Scudder – Jin Shin Jyutsu Massage of Idyllwild, California

Welcome to my website.

I am a Certified Jin Shin Jyutsu® Massage Practitioner and Self-Help Instructor. I possess Epona Approved Instructor/Facilitator credentials and live in beautiful Mountain Center, just an hour Northeast of San Diego and two hours East of Los Angeles. My practice is the beautiful hamlet of Idyllwild, California, about two hours drive from Los Angeles and San Diego. My focus is Jin Shin Jyutsu® massage, a sacred method that awakens the body’s natural powers of self-healing, helping any health issue–physical, mental, or emotional. For people and animals.

The sacred nature of Jin Shin Jyutsu teaches us that everything is connected. That is to say we are all part of the sacred energy of the universe. The relaxing effects of massage are combined with the healing power of acupuncture, providing a means by which we can physically connect. The work can thus deepen our sense of connection both with our own spirit, and with the creative forces of the universe.

I have learned from my owner relationship with my horses that they are consummate facilitators in the work of human development. These intelligent, sensitive creatures respond to changes in the handlers behavior, offering people constant feedback.

Assisted Self-Exploration
Explore specific life issues, such as relationships, expand your overall potential and self-awareness

EASE workshops with horses, Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help workshops